For repair you will need:

Table mounting vise
9/16 7/8 7/16 open-end wrench
Thread sealant

STEP 1 – Remove all air from the tank. Pull the ring on the safety opposite of the pressure gauge until the pressure indicates zero and air flow stops.

STEP 2 – use a 9/16 open-end wrench to remove the hose/chuck assembly from the manifold. use 7/16 and remove gauge.

STEP 3 – Invert the tank clamp and clamp the nonported flats on the manifold in the jaws of the vise. Turn the tank counter clockwise 2 1/4 turns.

NOTE: The manifold is installed with pneumatic air tools and a locking type sealant to at least 75# of torque. Use of a standard wrench to loosen the manifold will damage the manifold and, or gauge.

STEP 4 – Remove the vise. Use a 7/16 open-end wrench to remove the gauge from the manifold.

STEP 5 – The manifold may now be removed.