Size: 9″ diameter, 19″ length, 12″ height
Volume/capacity: 5 gal

This Trick Tank 5 gallon portable aluminum air tank is great for last minute tire adjustments and lightweight enough to take to the track or car show. Built from premium high-grade aluminum, with an industrial grade air hose tested, 125 psi maximum pressure, and guaranteed to never rust. Includes aluminum air tank, pressure gauge, and tire chuck.

To understand what makes the Trick Tank Racing Products line of portable air tanks so unique, you have to look at the alternative, painted steel. Steel tanks are heavy, corrode easily and carry a suggested discard date. From the first time you fill a steel tank condensation starts eating the inner wall of the tank.

Trick Tank Racing Products tanks are made of lightweight aluminum and are manufactured with the same welding and test specifications as the tanks they build for the military. All Trick Tank products are 100% American made, pressure tested to 300 psi and are guaranteed not to rust or corrode and come with a limited two year warranty.

Just a few of the Trick Tank’s uses:

Auto/Truck/Military/Aircraft/Camper/RV Tires
Bicycle/Motorcycle/Racecars/Off-Road Vehicles
Emergency & Municipal Vehicles (Firetrucks, Police Cars & Wreckers)
Courier & Delivery Services (FexEx, UPS, etc.
Air Mattresses/Rafts/Floats/Pool Toys
Industrial Maintenance & Pressurizing Requirements
Any emergency inflation!