Size: 9″ diameter, tank length 26″, 31″ tank height (with handle)
Volume/capacity: 7 gal

The Trick Tank super Sprayer works great as a solvent tank or engine oil primer tank.

To understand what makes the Trick Tank so unique, you have to examine the only alternative … painted steel! Steel tanks are heavy, they corrode easily and carry a suggested discard date which is clearly stamped onto the top of each tank. Why would you have to throw it away? The air fill source generally contains condensation which eats away at the tank’s inner steel walls. Over time, the walls become gradually thinner until the tank develops rust holes and will no longer contain the air. The Trick Tank is manufactured from the same welding and test specifications as are set out for military tanks.

Just a few of the Trick Tank’s uses:

Auto/Truck/Military/Aircraft/Camper/RV Tires
Bicycle/Motorcycle/Racecars/Off-Road Vehicles
Emergency & Municipal Vehicles (Firetrucks, Police Cars & Wreckers)
Courier & Delivery Services (FexEx, UPS, etc.
Air Mattresses/Rafts/Floats/Pool Toys**
Industrial Maintenance & Pressurizing Requirements
Any emergency inflation!